The value of an antique firearm, like any commodity, is a function of supply and demand. The more scarce the item and greater collector interest, the greater the value. The first step in determining the value is to properly identify the model and any significant variations or features. Once the firearm is properly identified, it is necessary to access the overall condition of the firearm. While this may seem somewhat subjective, definitive guidelines for grading antique firearms are available. There are many books written on the subject. Another method of valuing your firearm is to visit local gun shows. Most dealers will be willing to offer advice and you can shop the tables for comparable models and check their prices. We receive a number of calls asking this question and it is virtually impossible to make an accurate appraisal with out physically inspecting the firearm. The Kings Armoury offers an appraisal service. If you are interested in having your antique firearms appraised, please contact us. For more information on this subject from our website please click here

We also have information on the system we use to describe the condition of firearms - click here  

IF you are really serious about researching the topic then go to the library or a book seller and look for a copy of the "Blue Book of Gun Values" written by Stephen Fjestad. It is available on the Internet also.It is the industry "bible" on antique, collectible, and modern firearms.It is updated each year and gives actual market value based on condition, finish, model and manufacturer.

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