Welcome to our online firearms store of collectible rifles, shotguns, handguns, antique military and black powder firearms. The Kings Armoury provides and online catalog of used and collectible firearms and other items for sale. Transactions for firearms or firearm parts are bound by the relevant state & commonwealth laws.

Some important points to understand about selling your item

  • With our purchases we always try to reach a price the the buyer is happy with however you must remember that we are a business.... you cannot reasonably expect to get retail prices for your items.Typically dealers offer to buy at way less than half retail which allows for it to be onsold then at a profit and to cover tax and operating overheads. We have very low operating overheads so consequently we are often able to offer more than other dealers.
  • Some items are difficult to price as they may not come up that often. Rare, old or unusual does not necessarily mean expensive and just because you have seen something similar to your item sell at action for a high price once off does not mean your item is worth that much. Sometimes two or more collectors will start a bidding war at an auction which results in some item being sold for much more than it is worth normally.
  • Often prices vary enormously from country to country. The item you are trying to sell may be worth more or less here than in another country so just because a similar item is for sale at a particular price overseas does not mean yours will fetch the same amount here in Australia.

Here is some feedback from Michaels online sales

5stars | Date: 10 May. 2010 16:04:48 | Type: sale | From: Thommo52
Very happy with the condition and grouping of the 22 trainer. Also appreciate vendor's flexibility with delivery options.
5stars | Date: 07 Apr. 2010 12:41:13 | Type: sale | From: Mustang
Excellent communication & help offered to a new buyer, will use again.
5stars | Date: 20 Mar. 2010 03:57:26 | Type: sale | From: eddyguitar
a very honest and helpful dealer. i highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy with confidence.
5stars | Date: 04 Feb. 2009 09:49:29 | Type: sale | From: mikewds
Revolver in excellent condition,not over described. Every aspect of transaction including communications A1.Michael does what he says. A pleasent experience all round. mikewds.
5stars | Date: 02 Jan. 2009 17:31:44 | Type: sale | From: Curiousbob
Excellent communications, fast shipping. Item exactly as described. Would highly recommend.
5stars | Date: 30 Dec. 2008 10:30:00 | Type: sale | From: fireform
Seller, Michael King, is well known, to my gunsmith. Should be no problems. Reasonable price paid, for this item. I'm happy.
5stars | Date: 23 Dec. 2008 13:37:16 | Type: sale | From: vincentwho
No problems fast and courteous service
5stars | Date: 05 Dec. 2008 09:46:58 | Type: sale | From: harleyxlc
good seller ,good communications , no problems,thanks chris
5stars | Date: 03 Dec. 2008 18:43:25 | Type: sale | From: anzaccookies
Rifle as described, very fast shipping interstate too. Will recommend highly
5stars | Date: 20 Oct. 2008 16:50:30 | Type: sale | From: Magnum
Item as described. Prompt postage. Thanks!


You can of course just Sell by yourself through the Internet.


* Thousands of qualified buyers view, your item every day.
* Detailed descriptions and multiple detailed photos make it the next best thing to a buyer handling the item.
* You can be selling quickly, post an item and it is available to the world as soon as it is approved.


* You must be somewhat knowledgeable to be effective, you must be able to answer questions.
* You must be able to take excellent quality photos and load them onto a server, to make them available on the web. If you cannot do this, you will not be effective in selling on the web.
* You must have the time to spend typing detailed descriptions and posting them to a web site.
* A private party will still not achieve the same kind of values that a known dealer can and you will still need to organise the transfer through a licensed dealer anyway.
* But if you have the time, some knowledge, and can post quality photos, you can do well. If you don?t have the ability for that, you should seriously consider consigning the item.


Sell Your Item or your Entire Collection to The Kings Armoury


* You can sell all your items quickly, without having to worry about dealing with potential buyers and tyre kickers.
* No sales commissions or buyers premiums.
* You will be given an estimate of value from recent price guides, based upon an agreement to sell.
* The kings Armoury always pays at least 50% of what we feel we can obtain for the items. That is very fair, most dealers pay much  less. This allows for a profit, taxes and operating expenses.


* You will most likely make more money if you sell privately.


Sell through an Australian specialist firearms auction house.


* Least amount of work for seller.
* Some high quality items get over market prices.
* They get widely advertised and qualified buyers do attend.
* Most auction houses will provide you with a free appraisal with consignment of items.
* Most auction houses are FDL holders, so you will not face additional charge for Transfers.


* High cost, 20% sales commission to Seller, 15% Buyer premium and GST.
* Long wait, you must normally turn over items 3-6 months before auction.
* 50% of items sell to dealers, so you can pay high costs and the sales price is the same you could have arranged by yourself with a dealer.


Sell through advertising yourself in a gun magazine - eg: the Sporting Shooter monthly magazine

* this can work well for some people

warm regards, The kings Armoury