WE ARE A SMALL HOBBY BUSINESS. We buy, RESTORE and sell classic, vintage, & antique guns.

Please Note: all of our stock in held offsite in OUR perth LOCATION.

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Much of our stock is sold within our network of local collectors and dealers, so most of it does not ever get to be displayed on the website. Feel free though to contact us though and ask if you are looking for something specific.

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We are an online collectors firearms dealer where you can buy and sell your used guns, collector guns, antique guns, vintage guns, classic firearms, used rifles, used shotguns, and used black powder firearms. The Kings Armoury provides and online catalog of collectible firearms, antique guns, used guns vintage firearms and other items for sale. At present we are rebuilding the website and the new online catalog is still under development.

My name is Michael King, and I specialise in antique, vintage, classic and collector firearms.

SAF Assembly in 1914

My business philosophy is based on over 50 years of collecting experience and target shooting. I will always be a collector at heart, so I know what it is like to spend hard-earned money ordering something over the phone or Internet only to be disappointed. My main goal for this site is to have satisfied customers who will come back in the future to add to their collections without hesitation. I have made a commitment to represent every item with a thorough description and detailed photographs.

Some important points to understand about selling your item

  • With our purchases we always try to reach a price the the buyer is happy with however you must remember that we are a business.... you cannot reasonably expect to get retail prices for your items.Typically most dealers offer to buy at less than half retail which allows for it to be onsold then at a profit and to cover taxes and operating overheads like rent and wages. We have very low operating overheads so consequently we are often able to offer a more than other dealers.
  • Some items are difficult to price as they may not come up that often. Rare, old  or unusual does not necessarily mean valuable and just because you have seen something similar to your item sell at action for a high price once off does not mean your item is worth that much. Sometimes two or more collectors will start a bidding war at an auction which results in some item being sold for much more than it is worth usually. Also, the fact that you're sentimentally attached to something does not add to it's value either.
  • Often prices vary enormously from country to country. The item you are trying to sell may be worth more or less here than in another country so just because a similar item is for sale at a particular price overseas does not mean yours will fetch the same amount here in Australia.

 Antique firearms are difficult to find these days and usually sell quickly - especially on the Internet.

GuerreIll-sept17 03-350The Kings Armoury also buys and sells antique gun parts, bayonets, swords, knives, daggers and other collectable militaria. Contact us if you have any of these items for sale. We are interested in single items, collections of any size, or estates. We do not sell items on consignment.

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If you live in Perth or out in the Toodyay (wheat belt) area of Western Australia then we are also pleased to deliver your purchases to you.

We will also store your purchases from other dealers for you. Our fee for providing a Firearms Serviceability Certificate for such purchases is $25 which includes our storage fee for up to 6 months, so there are no hidden or ongoing fees while you organise licensing. With the increase in the fees for collectors applications we understand that most people want to buy several guns over time before they process their collectors application.

I always endeavour to give you a fair price and service that you are happy with. I hope you find the antique gun, used gun, antique firearms, used firearms and collector firearms which you are looking for.