My level of familiarity with firearms is:
I am ignorant of how they function.

I know the basics of gun safety.

I carry for competition or hunting. I would like to for self defence.

I am an firearms instructor.

I know how guns function from watching TV.

I would prefer that my kids learn about guns and safety from: Mass media, such as television


Army representative

Coach at school

A certified instructor

Me or my spouse

Before completing this poll, please remember that possession of firearms by felons is already illegal in Australia. Therefore, you should not suggest "prohibiting criminals from having guns" as a solution: the law already does that. We have also seen that the laws are not very effective in preventing posession. Do consider, however, the effects of your suggestions on you, personally.
Is it morally correct for a police officer to shoot in order to save an innocent victim from an attack?
Yes. No.
If no police officer is present is it morally correct for the innocent victim to shoot to protect self or dependents from an attack?
Yes. No.
The proper response to a drive-by shooting is...


prohibit you and other law-abiding citizens from buying the type of the car used by the perpetrator.

prohibit you and other law-abiding citizens from buying the type of the gun used by the perpetrator.

prosecute the perpetrator of the crime

The proper response to an arson is...


prohibit you and other law-abiding citizens from buying petrol.

prohibit you and other law-abiding citizens from buying any flammable fluids, matches and lighters.

prosecute the perpetrator of the crime

The proper response to electronic fraud...


prohibit you and other law-abiding citizens from buying computers.

limit you and other law-abiding citizens to computers that have no more than two of the following features: 66MHz or faster processor, 14.4 baud or faster modem, 8MB or more RAM, 500MB or larger hard drive.

prosecute the perpetrator of the crime

Over my lifetime, it is that I or my family would be intended victim of a criminal.

If I am confronted with a life-threatening situation, police will be there in time to prevent any damage.

If my child or my spouse were assaulted, I would...


run away and hope my kid or spouse can keep up with me

be a good witness so I can tell the cops what happened later

try to convince the attacker to stop through verbal persuasion

fight to stop the attack

If I choose to resist, my primary concern would be...


health of my attacker

my own safety

Given a choice, I would prefer to defend myself with...


my bare hands

an ineffective weapon, such as pepper spray

an effective weapon, such as a firearm

If I choose to defend myself with a firearm, I would favor the...


least effective type possible

most effective type possible

Criminals often gang up on a single victim. Shooting accurately under stress is often difficult and more than one shot may be required to stop each attacker.

If defending myself with a firearm, I would want the magazine to hold...

one round

six rounds

ten rounds

30 rounds

Some say that just owning a gun would make you a violent person; if I just had a handgun, I would...


go shoot up the nearest fast food restaurant

go shoot up the nearest Army base

kill somebody I know next time I get angry

none of the above. I would continue to be a peaceful person.

act even more politely than before so as to avoid confrontations

Others would say that having weapons simply makes psychopaths more dangerous. If we only limited everyone to least effective tools! In your opinion, that idea should also be applied to...


alcohol. The Prohibition worked like a charm, let's revive it.

computers. If everyone just stuck with 286, we'd have fewer problems with hackers.

cars. The Constitution says nothing about the right to drive, and making everyone drive at 5mph would reduce the number and severity of accidents.

Now let's talk about what other people would do.
Police officers carry high-capacity handguns and store shotguns or submachine guns in patrol cars because...


the cops are evil and want to kill innocents.

police deparments cannot afford tanks.

such firearms are effective means of self-defense.

If all guns were outlawed, I think that all criminals would...


turn in their weapons to police and become model citizens.

turn in their guns and beg for small change

keep their guns and prey on disarmed law-abiding people.

If a person planning robbery, rape or murder cannot get a handgun, they would think...


"I better stay home tonight and get a job in the morning".

"I will buy an illegal gun from my drug supplier, then go kill".

"I will grab a knife or a baseball bat instead".

A rapist choosing between two victims (one armed, one unarmed), would prefer to...


attack the armed one, so he could "take her gun and use it against her".

attack the unarmed one because that would be less hazardous.

not to mess with either, as he can't tell which one is armed.

Someone planning a drive-by shooting would use...


only legal 10-round magazines because they plan to get caught.

anything he wants because he doesn't plan to get caught.

If your elected officials do not trust you with firearms, unrestricted access to books and the Internet, or with other personal choices, do you think they represent you well? What steps can you take to regain your rights?