Accurate shooting is not only a necessary skill for hunting, it makes target shooting a lot more fun!

Here's How:

   1. Know your guns. Learn how they work, what ammo they shoot best, how to maintain them, etc.
   2. When you're getting ready to fire, hold your breath. Either take a deep breath and let about half of it out, or just take half a breath and hold it. This will reduce wobbling on your part.
   3. Squeeze the trigger. Don't pull it or jerk it.
   4. If you flinch, learn to control this. That gun you're shooting isn't going to hurt you; you're on the safe end. The quicker you convince yourself of this, the sooner your accuracy will increase.
   5. Be surprised at the shot. Properly fired, a rifle or handgun should surprise you when it discharges. Obviously you know the gun's going to fire, but the exact instant when it does should not be anticipated, since this leads to flinching.
   6. Use a solid rest. Accuracy will usually increase dramatically as you learn to shoot with a rest.
   7. Use a sling. If no rest is available, a sling is a fine shooting aid. Wrap it around your left arm (for right-handed shooters) to pull the gun into your shoulder. Even grabbing the sling near the forend and pulling it to the shoulder helps.
   8. Take care of your guns. All guns need love and proper care, so learn how to clean and maintain your guns, and do it! (OK, maybe they don't NEED love... but they like it!)


   1. ALWAYS keep guns pointed in a safe direction.
   2. As a beginner, ignore any teasing or ribbing from others about your shooting. As long as you continue to improve your shooting skills, you should be happy. After all, those other guys used to be beginners, too.
   3. When the day comes when you can pick up your friends's gun and outshoot him with it, don't boast TOO much.