Whether the gun is a family heirloom, auction purchase, or something you've had for some time...
A firearm has come into your possession, and you'd like to learn something more about it.

The Kings Armoury often has the capability of providing helpful and interesting information about your firearm and about firearms in general. However, there are some things that we have no way of knowing, including:

    * Who owned a specific firearm
    * When, where or how it was used
    * Information from owner's manuals as the appropriate manufacturer is responsible for providing any manuals or safety information
    * Validity of stories regarding its previous ownership or usage

Without attested affidavits regarding the historical significance of a firearm, we have no way of obtaining such information for you. The Kings Armoury is unable to do extended research on particular makes, models, and historical usage of firearms; however, there are some excellent reference books to further your research and of course you can research on the internet. Additionally, there are a number of colletors organisations to assist you in your research.