We recommend that you have any old firearm thoroughly inspected by a professional gunsmith to determine if it is safe to shoot. Antique and collectible firearms offered by The Kings Armoury are sold as collector items only. The Kings Armoury does not imply nor express any warranty for their use in shooting.

Many of the guns listed at this website will be fine to shoot with appropriate ammunition. However there may be hidden safety problems with old firearms.

We recommend that no one should shoot ANY old gun without first having it thoroughly checked out & okayed by a professional competent gunsmith. Older guns originally made for blackpowder cartridges should never be fired with modern smokeless powder cartridges. Damascus barreled shotguns may have hidden defects – we recommend they not be fired.

Opinions expressed in this catalog as to mechanical condition of a gun merely indicate whether the gun appears to function without live ammunition, and do NOT necessarily mean the gun would be safe to shoot.